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Considering Adoption?

You may be thinking that you are not ready to parent yet due to your circumstances, but having an abortion is not a choice for you - that's okay! Adoption is another option to consider.

Adoption can be a difficult choice when facing an unplanned pregnancy, but it can be a viable option for you. Adoption isn't about giving up on your baby but about ensuring your baby is provided for and taken care of when you can't do it yourself.

You have lots of choices with adoption. You can choose the adoptive parents, receive pictures and information on your child, and in some cases you can even be a part of your child's life. You can have peace of mind that your child is loved and cared for. There are many families who cannot have children of their own but are ready to love, raise, and support a child.

When you schedule an appointment at Relevant Pregnancy Options Center, we will walk you through the process and answer any of your questions. We have resources and referrals to adoption agencies, and we will be there for you as you process this decision. 

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"Placing my baby for adoption was the best decision I ever made. The best part was seeing the couple's face when I placed my baby in their arms and knowing I helped them become a family.  It was great that there was someone there to love and provide for my baby when I couldn't." ~ Client